leləm̓ is a uniquely considered community developed by the Musqueam Capital Corporation. It reflects deep-rooted Musqueam values of environmental stewardship and sustainability, and a richness of community that defines the Musqueam way of life.

Musqueam Capital Corporation

Musqueam Capital Corporation (MCC) is the economic development arm of the Musqueam Indian Band, managing real estate holdings, partnerships, and the development of Musqueam lands. MCC’s mission is to contribute to building a vibrant community in Musqueam through successful economic development that will benefit the community today and for many years into the future, in ways that are in keeping with Musqueam’s values.

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Musqueam Indian Band

Although a metropolitan city has developed in the heart of Musqueam territory, the Musqueam community is strong and flourishing near the mouth of the Fraser River, with over a thousand members maintaining strong traditional and cultural beliefs. The Musqueam people traditionally used the resources the land provided for fishing, hunting, trapping and gathering to maintain their livelihood. Today, the Musqueam still uses these resources for economic and traditional purposes. Community historians and educators pass on Musqueam history to the community, which has always been the way of the Musqueam people.

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Our Vision

Connection to nature, an enriched sense of community, and a living
relationship with ancestry guide the Musqueam way of life.